DNA Success Story


Newsletter Reveals Kelmscott’s Real DNA

After more than 75 years in business, Kelmscott has evolved: an expanding account base, acquisitions and added talent have fueled years of double-digit growth. Though the firm offers marketing strategy and creative, advanced data analytics, digital marketing and multichannel campaigns, some customers and colleagues simply weren’t aware of the company’s full in-house capabilities.

Making connections is fundamentally important to us. The newsletter...shows we practice what we preach. Each issue uses the power of personalization through variable printing, compelling content and design, and data management to build relationships.



The mission was to communicate Kelmscott’s scope and talent with ongoing educational messaging that conveyed the firm’s real DNA. The campaign sought to move leads through the sales lifecycle and build relationships between account executives, prospects and clients.


Kelmscott began to produce a newsletter customized on multiple levels. A print version mailed in a translucent, cellophane envelope and its online companion contain relevant content categorized by audience interest, including technology, nonprofit, retail, higher education and general marketing. Content is crafted to answer two key needs—reducing readers’ pain about real marketing issues, and providing actionable ideas and solutions.

In each newsletter, different types of content engage readers in distinct ways. The lead article is packed with timely advice. A case study contains details and metrics realized by an actual client. Offers such as an infographic or white paper provide access to industry stats. And a personalized letter and tidbits in the Did You Know? section often spark deeper conversations (or a chuckle). Readers say they love the personalization—especially the bits they learn about their Kelmscott reps. Does their account executive root for the Cubs or Sox? What are their New Year’s resolutions? What would they title their autobiography? In the end, each item works in concert with the others to provide value and strengthen relationships.

Every aspect of the newsletter is grounded in strategy, from the clear editorial mission, editorial calendar and style guidelines to wireframes that detail specific calls to action and content areas. Of course, everything circles back to the marketing plan, so each issue supports business goals.


Kelmscott continues to refine in order to connect with ever-greater authenticity. Print and online subscriptions have increased throughout the life of the newsletter, with consistently industry-beating click-throughs on each call to action.

The newsletter, however, is far from a numbers game. Account executives consistently receive positive feedback, with one client pulling out a printed newsletter and asking, “Is this what you are talking about when you suggest variable printing?” These conversations are golden and make the Kelmscott newsletter a dynamic solution for sharing the company’s expertise in strategic marketing and creative, as well as our sincere desire to help clients grow.