Demand Gen Success Story


B2B Demand-Generation Campaign Fills Sales Funnel with Hot Leads in Key Verticals

Filling the sales funnel for a large team is challenging—especially in the crowded business-to-business marketplace. Demand generation requires getting the right message to the right people in a compelling way. But how do you accomplish that across a broad spectrum of customer interests, pain points and industries?

Kelmscott was engaged to create a demand-generation campaign using Marketo, a marketing automation software platform, for a Fortune 500 managed services solution provider well known for improving workflow efficiency in the area of print and document management. This campaign targeted four key vertical markets—the first time the client chose such a customercentric, industry-specific marketing strategy.

We pushed the boundaries with a complex contact strategy, sophisticated marketing automation and detailed lead scoring to deliver ripe-and-ready leads to the sales team.



Caught in a cycle of reactive marketing, the client needed help with strategy and execution by a partner who could work within their Marketo marketing automation software.

The client targeted positions at the director level and above at enterprise size customers in healthcare, primary and higher education, government, and legal. The demand-generation campaign was one of three multi-touch email campaigns Kelmscott engineered using Marketo. Approximately 80 emails and landing page versions were crafted across the trio of campaigns.


Kelmscott conducted an initial marketing audit, including in-depth discovery with real customers in each of the markets, and at multiple levels of decisionmaking influence. This approach led Kelmscott to develop detailed buyer personas and relevant content.

Each buyer persona included a minimum of 14 criteria with details such as individual objectives, pain points, content interests by buying stage, perceptions of the competition, preferred media platforms and more.

For example, compliance proved to be a key interest for the government audience, while maximizing space through equipment with a small footprint was a surprisingly important message for legal firms. There was no guesswork regarding what mattered most to each prospect.

With such deep insight and a definitive content strategy, Kelmscott’s design and content teams created six emails for each market, then programmers developed landing page templates and efficiently loaded assets into the Marketo system. Images, headlines and offers were traded out by industry and by touch, and updated as we learned more about what performed.

Kelmscott worked closely with the client to execute A/B testing, and we proposed list testing to assure continuous improvement. For example, in one test an email included downloadable assets. In another, the email linked to a landing page with downloadable assets. These tests allowed us to enhance results on the fly, gathering strategic strength as changes were made.


Kelmscott worked with the client to strategically strengthen funnel management, moving prospects through the pipeline to a ripe-and-ready stage. Hot leads were sent directly to sales representatives.

The program was deemed successful as it quickly matured leads to become sales ready. Smart buyer persona and communications strategy, in concert with marketing automation expertise, created closed-loop marketing that tied dollars to results, as Kelmscott helped the client increase leads and optimize their lead lifecycle.

In addition to Marketo, Kelmscott has deep knowledge in Pardot, Eloqua, HubSpot and Salesforce.