Global Tech Success Story


Global Tech Giant Energizes Lead Management

With annual revenue of about $1.7 billion, one global technology company turned to Kelmscott to cross-sell new product solutions among existing clients. And we do mean global—the Massachusetts-based tech giant has 12,000 employees in 39 regional offices with sales representation in 70 countries. The challenge? Fill in extensive data gaps, such as contacts with no email addresses or companies with no contact names, and create powerful campaigns—all while maximizing the marketing budget.

Beyond valuable! When time and budget were tight, and lead generation down, the team knew just what to do to ensure program results.



Life doesn’t stand still and, when it comes to data, common struggles prevail— people move, companies change names and corporate initiatives get tweaked. Still, Kelmscott was charged with getting the right message in front of the right person at the right time, while promoting six different solutions to audiences that may be only interested in one.


Kelmscott got to work on the data, transforming it with updated information, new contacts and appended email addresses. At the same time, strategists mapped out a detailed program based on deep research and multiple touchpoints. Copy, offers and design came alive through personalized emails, landing pages, direct mail, personalized resource portals, timed responses, exclusive offers and automated lead- and demand-generation programs. Virtually every Kelmscott department and skill set was called into service.

“We really made a difference for the client’s sales reps,” offered Kelmscott’s Jason Tews. “We gathered information such as content viewed, software seat counts, time to purchase and so on, and we verified all contact information.

The best part was that, by knowing what content was viewed, we were able to score the content. We then optimized content components based on where a prospect was in the buying cycle. This assisted sales reps in nurturing leads and connecting with prospects in more meaningful ways.”


The program was deemed a success as it increased awareness, filled data gaps and created opportunities for the sales force. Content scoring provided representatives with early intelligence on every lead. This step gave way to a more efficient first phone call and assisted in lead nurturing for future campaigns.

In addition, Kelmscott programmers worked closely with the client’s IT staff to create a proprietary application that allowed lead information to flow seamlessly from Kelmscott’s internal system to the client’s Eloqua and Salesforce platforms.

The entire program was completed well within budget, too! By offering a full range of services in house, leveraging existing email and landing page templates, and coordinating program components for cost savings, we were able to maximize efficiencies at every step of the process, saving the client thousands.