Greenlee Success Story


Greenlee Accelerates Sales Cycle and Keeps Brand Aligned with On-Demand Digital Storefront

For more than 150 years, Greenlee has provided quality tools to the woodworking industry and, for over 70 years, to the electrical industry as well.

Decades ago, Greenlee made a commitment to keep pace with the changing needs of their customers. Innovative products, state-of-the-art facilities and equipment, and forward-thinking operations are all designed to keep Greenlee at the top of the industry well into the 21st century.

The online ordering system is an easy, one-stop shopping experience for our sales team.



As Greenlee grew, it became a challenge to give 650 sales representatives, corporate staff members and global teams access to always up-to-date marketing literature and merchandising items. So, in an effort to accelerate the sales cycle, Greenlee partnered with Kelmscott to build a print-on-demand, order-on-demand digital solution—in just 90 days.


Current brochures, catalogs, banners and counter stool covers are among the 465 items available through the portal, which helps seamlessly connect Greenlee’s international team with their customers.

The process is easy. Users sign in and select literature. They can download a PDF to email, print it themselves or order a printed piece for delivery. The portal is integrated with Greenlee’s Salesforce CRM system, so individual reps’ address books are readily accessible. Confirmation and shipping emails are automatic, complete with tracking information to reduce questions and follow-up.

A Kelmscott webmaster maintains the storefront, reviews every order (about ten a day), coordinates shipping and provides reports. The portal was designed to be scalable, making it simple to update—a Greenlee team member sends a new PDF and the information is online within hours. Having a dedicated webmaster, plus built-in automation and permission-based restrictions, dramatically reduces the time Greenlee spends on phone and email requests. What’s more, 75 report types provide valuable marketing intelligence, from user and product orders to inventory and daily sales.


In its third year, orders on Greenlee’s portal are projected to reach nearly 350,000 pieces.

“Changing to a print-on-demand ordering system has made it much easier to keep our literature current,” said Mary Anderson, Greenlee’s material administrator. “The site is easy to use and monitor. Kelmscott provides great reporting and the training to pull data right from the site.”

The online portal has delivered tremendous value—ease of use for a global team, up-to-date materials, less waste, minimal warehousing, and greater efficiency and reporting. “The online ordering system is an easy one-stop shopping experience for our sales team,” offered Anderson. “And the Kelmscott team is always available to look into any problem that arises and provide a solution.”

The platform even earned an award for business excellence in innovation from the Daily Herald Business Ledger.