Creating a Human Element with Your Brand

Creating a Human Element with Your Brand
Megan Kucala

It’s no secret, we live in a digital age where everyone is attached to their mobile devices. Most individuals would rather send an email or text than engage in a call or face to face conversation. Human interactions are such a rarity in the business world as well. Does your brand have much of a human element to it, or is everything digital; ie. Email? It’s ok if some of your communication comes from email, print or social but to really connect with your audience it is helpful to create an emotional connection to your brand. By creating an emotional connection with your brand, clients will feel invested and tend to be more loyal. And there is nothing more valuable than a loyal client. There are many ways to do this. Here are a few of our favorites!

Video: If you haven’t heard that video marketing is sweeping the globe, you might be living under a rock ;) Video marketing is one of the most highly effective ways of getting your message across in the digital landscape. Not only is video marketing effective, it is humanizing. Even if you have not dabbled in video marketing before, there is always time to start. It may seem daunting but, some of the most effective marketing videos are not the ones that are extremely scripted and edited- but those that are raw and authentic. We are living in a world of filters and photo shop that viewers find it refreshing to see authenticity. Videos can be short 30 seconds in length. If you can create marketing videos that speak directly to your audience it will help to create a connection that a letter may not have accomplished.

Photos: They say a picture is worth 1,000 words. An easy way to humanize your brand is through photos. Did you know that a post with a photo gets 70% more attention than one without? That’s crazy!! It makes sense since we live in such a go, go, go world that someone would take a few seconds to look at an image rather than read a long article. Photos also create an emotional connection. Have you ever seen a photo and imagined yourself in that photo or enjoyed seeing someone else joy and happiness?- It happens all the time! Including images in your articles or email can increase your open rate. Photos can evoke emotion and create a connection from viewers that hopefully transfers to loyalty.

Social Media: Interactions on social media are quick, unplanned and authentic. Conversations on social media are raw and unscripted. Using social media to interact with clients and prospects is a great way to show what your brand is all about. Uploading photos and videos gives followers a sneak peek into your company and what life is like in your organization. Everyone always likes to feel like that they are a part of something. By showing day-to-day activities through photos and videos you can showcase the human element of your brand- the people who work there, daily activities, etc.

We hope you are able to use these tips to help humanize your brand!