Interactive Map Success Story


Interactive Map by Kelmscott Digital Creative Team Becomes Fox Valley Park District’s Most Viewed Page

As the second-largest park district in Illinois (just behind Chicago), the Fox Valley Park District serves a population of more than 233,000. The Park District’s motto—Where Fun Begins!—points to the many places enjoyed by residents of Aurora, Montgomery and North Aurora. These include 165 parks, 48 miles of trails for walking or biking, 2,500 acres of open space and 25 lakes.

Kelmscott has the right mix— value, a personal touch and community. They know who we are and what our users want.



In 1960, Rand McNally published the first full-color road atlas. A half-century later, the digital age moved navigation online. Recognizing the magnitude of this change, the Fox Valley Park District reevaluated their long-standing inclusion of a pullout map published in its seasonal activity guide. Instead, they turned to Kelmscott to create an interactive park map that residents could use anywhere, anytime.


“When we started, we had a vision,” offered Jeff Long of the Park District. “Kelmscott helped us with that vision. We had a lot of meetings. They helped us shape those ideas.” He adds, “They’ve been a local vendor for awhile with a great reputation on direct mail projects. They’ve transitioned into data analytics, interactive maps, web enhancements and search—any way they can enhance our user experience. Kelmscott has the right mix—value, a personal touch and community. They know who we are and what our users want."

Every digital mapping style was analyzed for its strengths and weaknesses. Ultimately, a user-friendly map built using responsive design was created that adapts to any mobile device. Visitors can easily zoom in and out to explore locations as the Park District-branded map integrates with Google Maps.

Looking for a dog park, boat launch or disc golf? Maybe you need electricity for your laptop or a grill for steaks? Easy. Results can be filtered by park location or by 22 park amenities. In addition, social media share buttons allow visitors to shout-out their location to friends. The client calls the interactive map a “landing ground” for park information.


The map has proven to be a huge success, giving on-demand answers to onthe-go residents. “According to our analytics dashboard, the map gets more views than any other page on our entire website,” said Long. “It’s very mobilefriendly.”

Even better than data analytics is the customer affinity. “People love it and it’s part of our ongoing development—serving residents with digital convenience,” said Long. He sees the map as a “living thing,” and Kelmscott continues to support the Park District with updates.

In addition to Kelmscott’s digital creative, the Fox Valley Park District has engaged the agency for photography, museum signage and targeted print pieces. Long says that Kelmscott understands the Park District’s mission. “(Kelmscott) has deep roots in the community,” said Long. “They live here and raised their families here...Kelmscott is a partner with the same level of investment in the community.”

Long sums up the relationship, saying, “We are creating a stronger connection with residents. (The map) has achieved exactly what we wanted it to achieve.”