Lead Nurture Success Story


Lead Nurturing Accelerates Customers through the Lead Lifecycle

Where a demand-generation campaign trails off, a lead-nurturing campaign picks up the momentum and runs with it. After initial outreach, lead nurturing uses the advantage of collective data intelligence to move a lead through buying stages faster. Kelmscott was charged with developing this type of leadnurturing campaign using Marketo, a sophisticated marketing automation software platform. The campaign targeted four key vertical markets for a Fortune 500 firm well known for improving workflow efficiency in the area of print and document management.

Being able to finely tune creative on the fly meant that this strong campaign got even smarter and more effective as time went by.



The primary goal—convert qualified leads. The client targeted positions at the director level and above at enterprise-size customers in healthcare, primary and higher education, government and legal. Kelmscott managed the entire campaign from creative development through ongoing implementation and improvement in Marketo. This lead-nurture campaign was one of three multitouch email campaigns consisting of approximately 80 emails and landing page versions. It was the first time the client chose such an aggressive marketing strategy for verticals.


First, Kelmscott conducted extensive market research, including in-depth customer interviews, to understand the buyer journey and to develop detailed buyer personas. Next, a successful demand-generation campaign using Marketo created awareness and trust, moving leads through the buyer stages with six targeted emails and corresponding landing pages for each of the vertical markets.

Leads that didn’t convert from the initial outbound demand-generation campaign were channeled to the lead-nurture campaign. This time, the focus was to build relationships, provide answers to customer questions and engage leads with marketing assets that improved their lead scores. Once hot, we’d deliver sales-ready leads to the sales team.

Kelmscott used lead scoring—an essential component of lead-nurture campaigns. Individual scores increased as email recipients clicked on assets, watched videos, accepted free trial offers, completed forms or visited landing pages. Some emails included a link to an online assessment tool where leads could learn immediate tips for improving business processes. One click launched them into the assessment. The more engagement, the more data was collected. While the demand-generation campaign established prospects’ lead scores, the lead-nurture campaign built interest in specific products and services that solved real problems. Once a lead reached a score of 100, we recognized them as a marketing-qualified lead.

As the campaign progressed, creative remained agile and fluid as Kelmscott refined content and visual components. For example, real-time analytics suggested moving the download button to increase clicks, and subject lines were tested to optimize opens. These small adjustments kept the campaign in a continuous state of performance optimization.


While metrics are still being gathered since the campaign’s recent launch, the client is extremely pleased and is working with Kelmscott to launch additional campaigns in the coming months.

Kelmscott’s end-to-end marketing strength—from discovery through analytics—clearly translated into campaign success. Smart buyer persona and communications strategy, in concert with marketing automation expertise, created closed-loop marketing that tied dollars to results, as Kelmscott helped the client move leads through the sales funnel faster.

In addition to Marketo, Kelmscott has deep knowledge in Pardot, Eloqua, HubSpot and Salesforce.