Tech Company Aims High Success Story


Tech Company Aims High and Gains a 29% Response

In a recent multichannel campaign, the Kelmscott team did something shocking. We mailed LEGO® astronauts—dangling in acrylic boxes—to CIOs, technology VPs and IT directors. If they took a meeting, we gave them a LEGO NASA Apollo Saturn V rocket kit as a thank you. And it worked.

Kelmscott is a partner in the true sense of the word. They not only offer amazing ideas, but they impact our business and our ability to get in front of the customer and increase our revenue.



MNJ Technologies is a midsized technology partner that delivers best-in-class solutions to its clients. Their audience is notoriously hard to reach, but MNJ knew they just had to get a foot in the door to win. They didn’t want to burn money, but they were willing to invest in ideas that worked—returns were what mattered. All smart ideas were welcome at the table.

One more thing—MNJ wanted to get sales excited about the marketing effort. That’s a pretty tall order at many enterprises, but a challenge we were excited to accept.

Kelmscott’s insanely creative and experienced team integrates seamlessly with our marketing department. They bring us bold, unique ideas that have hugely impacted our sales and relationships with our clients.



Kelmscott is a big believer that you can’t bore people into buying, and this client agreed. So, rather than show server rooms to CIOs, we tapped into prospects’ interests and challenges, and gave it all a fun, human spin.

Knowing that envelopes and flat mailers are often diverted by assistants, we opted for more intriguing dimensional mail. Over the past year, MNJ has sent out boxes, wooden crates and tubes with fun surprises inside, all with great success. To get prospects even more excited, personalized landing pages offer a thank you gift for setting up a meeting.

During creative development, we asked sales for the prospects they wanted to target. Then, to get internal teams on board, we held kickoffs with fun competitions, office decorations and, of course, themed snacks.


A whopping 18% of recipients visited their personalized landing pages to request a meeting and receive their Saturn V kit. Those who didn’t reply right away received follow-up emails, which achieved open rates as high as 42%.

You might be thinking, “Of course people replied for the thank you gift.” And some may have done just that. But as a result of this and similar initiatives, roughly 50 meetings have been conducted and 22 prospects have signed on. The campaign has paid for itself many times over.

Increasing response rates isn’t rocket science. It just requires a sound strategy and the desire to try something new. See how Kelmscott’s innovative approaches can make a difference for you. Contact us today.