Our Why

Our Why
Dean Petrulakis

Simon Sinek in his famous “Start with Why” Ted Talk made a point that people judge us by our why more than our what or our how. His contention is people buy why you do what you do not what you do or how you do it. While the capabilities and actual services you provide are extremely important and are to be held to a higher standard, sometimes, there is a deeper reason people work with you. The emotional transaction your employees provide for your clients goes way beyond what any capability can provide. This is evidenced by the note one of our employees received recently from a client. We were so proud to share this note because it reinforces our beliefs that we are doing things the right way and that our why is grounded in emotional attachments to our clients.

Our company goals are to always go above and beyond for our customers. This letter shows a deeper relationship with our customers and how our employee really made this client feel special, well-cared for, and as if they could count on us for anything. Sometimes it’s not always the work that is being done that wins clients, but the human interaction, attention and trust that keeps them coming back. Our “why” has never been a monetary goal but exactly this; our “why” is always going above and beyond and doing everything possible to make our clients happy while making their lives easier.

Hi Dave,

Wanted to send you an update on my end – we are looking at documents early next week (Monday hopefully but maybe Tuesday) as well as confirmed quantities.

Also, on a personal update – I wanted to let you know that I’ve accepted a new job and my last day at this university is next Tuesday.

I cannot say enough how simply awesome it’s been to work with you these past 2 years. You have been beyond wonderful and I am so thankful to you for your patience, your advice, your willingness to work with me no matter the situation, your consistency in production and organization, and most of all – I had fun working with you! =) You are truly great, Dave, and I appreciate that I was able to be one of your clients while at this university. Thank you, thank you, thank you!

I wish you all the best, at work and in life. And don’t worry – there are still a couple more days of me bugging you. From there, I will be transitioning this project to one of my sturdy, fellow Enrollment Marketers. I’ll let you know who that will be before Tuesday.

For now, happy end of week, Dave. And again – thank you for everything!


A Very Happy & Appreciative Client