RMU Success Story


Online Dashboard Gives Robert Morris University Actionable Visibility into Campaign Performance

Named for one of the signers of the Declaration of Independence, the private, not-for-profit Robert Morris University educates one of the most diverse, engaged student populations in the Midwest. Its nine Illinois locations serve a variety of demographics, offering degrees in business administration, art and design, technology and media, culinary arts, and nursing and health.

Insightful analytics help us make targeted, strategic decisions in the recruitment process.



Traditionally, targeted letters and postcard mailings to prospective high school students served as the foundation of Robert Morris University’s recruitment campaigns. However, the university wanted to reach further. During a campaign planning session, they sought ideas for helping increase response rates and improve the overall campaign ROI.


Our strategists consulted with the University marketing team to identify better ways to target prospects, keying in on variables such as degree preference, scholarship level or test scores, campus location and athletic talent. Based upon the results of this analysis, we recommended a cross-media campaign that would invite prospective students to visit a personalized URL populated with information targeted directly to their needs and interests.

Behind the scenes, an online dashboard was created to track page visits and user behaviors on a daily basis.


The ability to view responses and online behavior on a daily basis allowed the enrollment management team to adjust campaign messages in each successive round of communications. This enhanced visibility and agility helped RMU increase its pool of prospective student leads by 79% over the previous year’s campaign.